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Driven by Consumer Behaviour , Optimizing Marketing Value Chain

We facilitate consumers to discover services across multiple categories at the best price making these services more affordable, thus helping our consumers to help them lead a better life. Most of the companies need advertising to reach to the right customer, and advertising is increasingly done online because that's where potential customers will most likely be found, we want to ease the efforts customers and brands put to reach out to each other by creating a marketplace of discounted gift vouchers; offers and cash backs. Thus, creating a providing better technical platform for consumers which saves for both end-users and enterprise.

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We aim to be a pre-shopping destination where consumers visit before buying online. We offer an upfront discount on gift vouchers, which will help them make additional savings over and above any deals or discounts that the online store provides.

Value Proposition

My Gift - My Choice

We are one of the largest platform of gift cards in India. Offering 250+ brands thus empowering consumer to choose from wide variety of options and enabling brands to sell more based on consumer behaviour.

My Choice - My Savings

We offer upfront cash discounts while buying gift vouchers from our website or app.

My Purchase - My Cashbacks

Consumers get impressive cashbacks while buying with one of our affiliate partners.

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